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Reliable storm damage roof in Nashville

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Storm Season: What to Do if a Storm Damages Your Roof in Nashville

Nashville is an area of the country where the residents are able to enjoy the good parts of each season. The winters can get a little chilly and snowstorms are rare. The summers are warm but not overwhelmingly brutal with excessive heat. Spring and Autumn are perfect transition seasons. This part of Tennessee is almost the “sweet spot”. And there is no shock how populated this area of the country is becoming! 

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However, nature is what nature is. Those nasty storms do happen. Devastation and broken homes due to damaging winds and hail have been reported. Trees falling on roofs, electrical lines down, and debris all over the lawns are common occurrences after intense storms. What can you do to stay safe, and heal your broken-down roof, when a severe storm makes its way through Nashville? 

Be Safe

First and foremost, don’t try to be a superhero. Use caution when you leave your home to assess the damage. Make sure there is no danger of any lingering storm. Your safety, and that of your family, is of utmost importance. Roofs can be repaired. Homes can be fixed. Trees can be replanted. But your family is a prized gift. Please be safe as you exit your home and be aware of any hanging branches, broken wires, or trees ready to fall. Again, use caution. 

Assess the Damage

Take pictures of the damage you can see. Is there a tree over your home? Pretty easy to snap that shot! On a much lighter scale, if a less damaging storm passes through, perhaps you can spot bent or broken shingles. Look for parts of shingles on the ground near your home. If possible, take as many pictures and videos of the damage you notice. This will be helpful as you move forward. 

Reliable storm damage roof repair in Nashville

Make Temporary Fixes

If you have water seeping through the ceiling of your home into your kitchen, grab those buckets, pails, or pots to collect it. You don’t want to have to repair more damaged areas than necessary. Flooding can often occur when severe storms pass through, so evaluate your basement or lower level. If you are able to safely climb on your roof, tarp over the damaged areas so no further complications will occur in your home. Safety should always be at the top of the list. 

Call a Trusted Professional

As soon as it is possible, contact a trusted roofing contractor to help assess the damage and secure the proper steps for complete restoration. TriStar Roofing & Exteriors in Nashville will be at your side. We have seen it all! And we know how to fix it all! We have been able to help people improve their homes with our high-quality roofing services in Nashville. (Avoid storm chasers for lesser expense!)

When you contact us, we will come out and inspect the damage done to your roof, whether from a small storm or a major event. We will help restore the areas and bring the comfort and protection of a quality roof back to its intended purpose. 

Place your confidence in TriStar Roofing & Exteriors in Nashville when it comes to fixing the devastation from nature’s fury. We will guide you through the process of restoring and rebuilding your roof to its former glory. We promise to treat you like family and address every small detail with care and precision. 


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