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The Most Common Reasons Nashville Residents Replace Their Roofs

The integrity of a quality roof is vitally important in keeping the home running smoothly. A sound roof keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature, protects the contents of the home, and offers a safe haven to rest after a long day at work. A roof can fail for a variety of reasons, and repairs must be made. However, if the repair work is too much or too in-depth, a complete roof replacement will be needed. There are many reasons why it may be time to consider replacing your roof with roofing specialist in Nashville.

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Missing or broken shingles

This type of situation needs to be addressed before the next storm makes a bigger mess. Once shingles become brittle and break, the repairs seem never-ending. It becomes a great time to replace the whole roof and then there aren’t problems with constant repair bills. If this situation is not addressed, water can begin to seep through the broken shingles and leak into the home. Definitely something that is not pleasant to repair! 


Each type of roofing material does have a lifespan. Asphalt shingles can last nearly 25 years with proper care and a yearly maintenance program. If your roof is nearing the end of its life, consider replacing it before it becomes an emergency. By planning ahead, the homeowner can comfortably decide on a new roofing material, color, and style.

Leaks in Multiple Places

On occasion, due to a tragic storm, a leak can occur. Typically a repair can be done readily and the problem is solved. However, if you notice several leaks, then it may be time to completely replace the roof. Perhaps, as discussed above, the roofing material is near the end of its life and has formed weak spots. Replacing the roof will seal up any questionable areas and strengthen the roofing system once again. 

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Heavy Growth of Mold or Moss

Moss and algae growing on the roof surface are caused by two things: moisture and organic matter. The more water present, the greater the chance of mold or moss. Secondly, depending on the amount of shade your roof gets can determine the amount of growth on the roof. As moss grows, it carries moisture with it. This moisture can set into the roofing material and cause the shingles to begin to rot. If caught early, the mold and moss can be cleaned off. However, the homeowner will need to determine what created the buildup to prevent it from occurring again. 

Loss of Shingle Granules

Some granule loss is common right after a roof is installed, due to handling, nailing, and assembling the roof. However, the bond on the shingle can loosen over time and the loss of granules can increase. Soon, bare spots will be noticed. Once bare spots happen, the shingle can no longer serve its purpose of properly protecting the home. Hail and strong winds can weaken the areas creating more complications. 

If you are wondering whether to replace your current roof, give us a call and we can do an inspection and complete evaluation. We can guide you on the best options available. We are TriStar Roofing & Exteriors in Nashville. We have been working with your neighbors, friends, and members of the community, providing the highest quality of workmanship, with the best products, all while offering ideal customer service! When you partner with us for a new roof, rest assured we will do all we can to help secure a solid roof over your home for years to come. We take pride in our work, regardless of the size of the job. Call us today and let’s discuss your roofing needs! 


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