Keeping your home clean from the tip of your roof out to the mailbox!

Your home’s exterior is the first introduction people get to your home as a whole, and it is often this first impression that people remember. If you have noticed dirt, grime, or other icky things accumulating on the outside of your home, call our team here at Tri-Star Property Services LLC and schedule an exterior house cleaning service to address the dirtiness on your home’s exterior.

Exterior House Cleaning in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The exterior of your home does a lot to keep the outside elements from entering your home and making a mess. However, this means that these elements, such as grime, dirt, insects, and other unsightly messiness, deposit on the outer doors, walls, and roof of the house. No one wants to come home to a grimy, dirty home, but luckily our exterior house cleaning service can make your Murfreesboro, Tennessee home exterior look clean again.

We take great care to use caution when washing your house’s exterior so as not to damage any features of your home. With a combination of soap, water, and trained professionals, we are able to get your home’s exterior looking squeaky clean again without leaving behind any damage.

If you have noticed a build-up of grime, algae, or dirt on your home’s exterior surfaces, contact us today to schedule an exterior house cleaning service. We are passionate about transforming the outside of our customers’ homes with our home washing services and are excited to help you increase both your home’s curb appeal as well as your satisfaction with your home’s outer appearance.


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FAQs About Exterior House Cleaning

We understand that your home is important to you, and so is its cleanliness and curb appeal. We want to provide as much information as we can so you can feel confident in our exterior house cleaning services. Here are the answers to a few of our frequently asked questions.

Do you offer pressure washing?

Yes, we do! We can pressure wash many of your home’s exterior surfaces, and we have the appropriate licensing and insurance to back us up. However, if you have concerns about how pressure washing could affect your home, that’s perfectly alright. Many of our customers prefer a gentler cleaning method, so we also offer soft washing. Whether you need us to clean your deck, driveway, fence, gutters, patio, roof, or siding, our professionals have the skills and tools that are necessary to provide you with exceptional, safe results.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a gentle alternative to pressure washing, and it has been in use since the 1990s. When we do soft washing, we will use low water pressure and cleaning products that won’t harm your home or the environment. This solution not only washes away dirt and grime, but it also kills the bacteria, algae, fungi, mold, mildew, insects, and other organic substances that are making your home’s exterior dirty. The visible results are comparable if not better than they would be with pressure washing. Although soft washing does cost a little more than pressure washing, the results last about 4 to 6 times longer, so it is well worth the investment. We offer soft washing for all exterior surfaces, including concrete, wood and vinyl fences, decks, fascia, and gutters.


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